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Downloadable To Do Lists + Planners
for Energy Sensitives to Get Clear, Calm & Organized.

Energy Calm To Do Lists + Planners

Reduce stress + overwhelm in your life by being organized + clear. 

Get things done, tick off your list + feel calm + clear. Designed for energy sensitives + simplicity in mind, to help you breathe through your days + tasks +cope better mentally + energetically in a world of over stimulation.

All 30 printable pages are in white and soft gray - with clear space to breathe. Each page is clean visually + energetically + calming to the sensitive eye. Perfect for highly sensitive people + empaths who need to unload their minds, pull back, simplify + apply simple strategies to actualise a greater sense of peace, serenity, clarity + order. 

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Natalia Kuna

Founder, Spiritual Course Academy

Intuitive Energy Healer, Coach, Writer + Course Creator
Dedicated to teaching people how to spiritually awaken, align + rise in a
way that is practical, calm + grounded.