Awakening to Your Higher Version Self

Free Masterclass + Bonus Audio Meditation & Worksheets!


Watch an enlightening summit masterclass and experience the wonderful meditation so you can enter the path to embracing your higher version self and stepping into your true authenticity. 

Summit Masterclass

Ready to watch video from my masterclass talk from the Inner Revolution Summit!


of the Steps

An outline of the steps for moving from lower to h higher version self.


Meditation Audio

A guided meditation to connect with your higher version self, feel its incredible energy and intuitively receive a message that bridges you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Join me on the journey.


Meditation Worksheet

A worksheet to accompany the meditation.


This is for You if you are:

✨Seeking to navigate challenges and rise above negative emotions that drag you down.
✨Interested in practical techniques to look into yourself, move forward and elevate your consciousness.
✨Wanting to spiritually evolve, rise up and experience a higher connection.
✨A spiritual soul or regular person looking to deepen your spiritual connection & find your authentic self.
✨An empath, energy sensitive or lightworker who resonates with that feeling of having a higher presence and calling, even if you can't quite get in touch with it.

You know on a deep, core soul level that you have an authentic, higher version self. You can bring that about by stepping out of your lower reality & starting to move towards a higher connection & way of being, so you can shine, rise up & be who you came here to be.


⚜️ Gain a deeper understanding of your soul, higher self, higher version, true self and its potential.
⚜️Navigate the Lower Self, understand its nature, challenges and how to rise above self-criticism, past experiences, and negative emotions.
⚜️ Learn simple techniques to shift from the lower self to the higher self & so much more.
⚜️ Discover the power of alignment with higher frequencies.  
⚜️ Reconnect with Your True Self and learn how life's challenges can cause us to lose touch with it. When you come back to your true essence, it is where your power and frequency lie.
⚜️ Experience a guided meditation for a direct connection to your higher version self.
⚜️Move into Your Higher Version. Enter an elevated state of being that's always available to you and learn the positive impact your higher connection can have on your life and those around you.

What is Soul?

I define what soul is, how you feel it, how the angels have explained it & shown it visually.

What is the Higher Self?

Learn what your higher self, its energy is and how that connects to you and your soul. 

What is Higher Version Self?

Your higher version self is a bit different to your higher self. Find out what it means. 

What is Lower Self?

We go through lower times and can behave and operate in unserving ways. Your lower self drags you down.

How do you Go from Lower to Higher Version Self?

There are practical, holistical ways in which you can move from a lower state of being to a higher one.

Bring Back Your Energy & Embody Your Higher Self

Learn an easy, effective energy technique to pull in your energy and your Higher Self in an embodied, grounded way. 

Awaken Your True, Authentic Self!

Be inspired to begin the journey of stepping into your
Higher Version Self. 


  • Open Your Awareness & deepen your Spiritual Connection.

Natalia Kuna

Natalia Kuna is an Intuitive, Energy Healer, Spiritual Coach, Host of Spiritual Soul Podcast & Founder of Spiritual Course Academy, featuring online spiritual development courses & classes that educate, uplift & empower. Get calm, clear, protected & connected. Master your energy, open up your intuition, rise up & shine! Align back to SOUL. It is time.