Hi Spiritual Soul,

I help spiritual souls awaken, align & connect back to soul, on the path of spiritual development.

I take you higher, from a grounded place, so you can move along your soul's evolution.

Natalia Kuna

Hi Spiritual Soul,

I am so glad you are here. I'm Natalia Kuna.
I help spiritual souls align, awaken & connect on the path of spiritual development.

Are you a spiritual soul?

Perhaps you are an empath, energy sensitive, lightworker, starseed or old soul, someone on the spiritual path. I'm so glad you found me. You are home!

Take a deep breath and listen in. I'm here to help you feel more calm, clear and connected, manage your energy, tune into your intuition easily and naturally and understand yourself and on a deeper level. This way you can cope better, raise your vibration and feel more connected to your soul. I'm all about helping you grow, and be a bigger YOU. You are feeling it. It is time.

Thank you for being patient with me while I create courses, classes and programs and deliver them one by one. This is just the beginning. You are always welcome to email me, I'd love to connect with you. I'm here for YOU.

Are you a spiritual soul?

Perhaps you are an empath, energy sensitive, lightworker or old soul. I'm so glad you found me. You are home!

Take a deep breath and be centered. That's it. Now we can talk...

My path is to help you feel more calm, clear and connected. I can help you manage your energy, tune into your intuition easily and naturally and understand yourself and the world on a deeper level. So you can cope better, raise your frequency and come back to soul.  Move along more consciously on your soul's evolution, to a higher level from a grounded place. I am here to hold your hand.

You are feeling it. It is time.

Transform your Life from the Insight Out.

Align with Higher Frequencies

Start Learning for Free!

Grab a wonderful freebie and get started on your journey coming back to you!

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Are You Ready for Change?


Free, instant access to 3 pre-recorded classes to watch in your own time. Gain deep insight about changes you would like to make, the fears and blocks in your way and what you need to do to allow a shift to happen. Discover motivation and mindset tips to get you on course. Prepare to open up to change.

Also includes meditations + workbook.

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Do you think you are an EMPATH?


I am very excited to soon be bringing you a FREE online course on identifying and understanding yourself as an empath!!

It will be very thorough, with lots of information on the traits and types of empaths. I can't wait to bring you this awareness!

Join my email list to be sent the link it when it's ready.

Online Courses & Other Offers

It is early days still! Stay tuned. There is so much more to come! Future courses coming, one at a time.
Below are some courses, classes, recordings & PDFs

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What is Spiritual Course Academy About?

Everything you need to know to spiritually cope, heal and grow as a spiritual soul on earth.

I teach you effective techniques to release old energy, ground, protect and raise your vibration so you can feel more calm, clear and connected.

Finally you can manage all aspects of your energy, open up your intuition, advance your spiritual connection and breathe space into your day.

Helping you be Calm, Clear & Connected

Spiritual Development You Can Trust


Calm, grounded, uplifting spiritual development that is safe & takes you to the next level in your soul's evolution.


Enhance your sacred connection to self & others, grow your intuitive awareness & awaken your natural gifts.


Create an energy clear space in your life in which to breathe. Learn to meditate, clear, align & gain balance, clarity & calm.

Taking You to the Next Level

Taking You to the Next Level

Guiding You to Learn & Grow

Guiding You to Learn & Grow


Amazing spiritual & self development courses, programs and classes that educate, uplift and  empower.

Gain insightful, practical knowledge. Safely grow at your own level & pace & be warmly supported along the way.

community SUPPORT

Onboard private community included with courses.

Ask questions, comment on lessons, have the support of your instructor and connect with likeminded students from around the world.


Practical PDF workbooks, checklists, instructional sheets, step by step videos, audios, transformative exercises and explanations to assist on your human self on your spiritual journey.

Free resources also.

Experience an Energy Shift in your Life

Spiritual Development You Can Trust


Be taken on a spiritual step-by-step journey to create the transformation you crave. Welcome the energy shift & allow a new, upgraded version & vision of you to emerge. Welcome in the new you as you totally RESET your life!


A host of individual courses, classes as well as free content on the many areas of personal energy management, including clearing, grounding, protecting your energy, raising your vibration, chakra clearing, cord cutting & energy healing.


Learn how to tune into your intuition, develop your natural psychic abilities & strengthen each clair. Connect with God Source, angels, guides & Spirit. Dive into how to use oracle cards to conduct accurate, meaningful readings & more.

Empaths & energy sensitives:

Are you drained, overwhelmed, ungrounded?

Stuck on how to move ahead spiritually?

Struggling to find trusted solutions that work?

Learn effective techniques & practices for your spiritual toolkit.

So you can cope better & instantly know how to manage challenging energy situations, while tuning into your own inner guidance.

Listen to My Podcast: Spiritual Soul

"Elevate Your Consciousness & Connect Back to Soul."

Join me on the path of spiritual development, awakening & transformation.
I dive deeply into energy, intuition, consciousness & all things spiritual.
Feel calm, connected, aligned & uplifted on your journey back to soul.  

                       A podcast for your soul!  
Available on Apple,Spotify &  other platforms.

Client Testimonials

Student Testimonials

"Natalia is super! She is a fountain
of info & guidance & is really able to tune in to what is needed. I love her energy & nature. She gives so much
& really wants to serve you best
she can. Her energy is contagious
& I always feel so energized &
optimistic after sessions.

She helps clear the fog & chaos & brings real clarity. She tells it like it is, but delivers from a place of compassion & love. Things have really shifted for me in my business this year & Natalia has been a big part of that, I can't thank her enough"

Celia Clark

Therapist, Scotland

"Thank you Natalia for providing an enlightening course. I thoroughly enjoyed it & appreciate how you want to help women improve themselves with the knowledge you have personally gained.

You come from a place of truth
& love & guide the course in a supportive & encouraging way, making each person feel heard & important. I met a beautiful group of like minded women who will always have a place in my heart. I'm so grateful I was guided to join."


"I very much enjoyed the course with Natalia. She provided a wealth of information via her workbooks, as well as in person during the Zoom class.

She has an uncanny way of taking in and responding to each person's  comments during class in a personalized way.

Highly recommend!"



Why I Created Spiritual Course Academy

Having always been a deep thinking and feeling intuitive person, I was always drawn to spirituality, a journey that led me to train as an Angel Intuitive, have angel stories published in Hay House books, and open up my gifts as a Psychic, Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach. 

As my energy sensitivity and intuitive awareness grew, I gained so much profound, experiential insight. And from that expanded space of knowing, and coming into my own, as well as my mainstream background as an English Teacher, Spiritual Course Academy was born.

It is my natural default to go deep and empower you from a space of grounded simplicity. With my work, you will learn practical, effective techniques and receive soulful insight and shifts.

Read more about me here.

~ Natalia Kuna, Founder, Spiritual Course Academy

Work with Me 1:1

If you would like some personal attention, you can book an intuitive reading, energy clearing, spiritual coaching / mentoring / tuition or even a virtual house clearing!

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Organize Your Life!

Downloadable Planners + To Do Lists for energy sensitives to get calm + organized.


Breathe in the clean white space of serene to reduce overwhelm + help you unscramble your mind, get clear + get things done.