New Year Guidance & Reflection Bundle

Gain Deep Insight into the New Year for You & Mindfully Plan for the New Year!

Shine a Light on the New Year!

Spiritually connect with yourself at this sacred time of profound transition and change of energies, as one year
crosses over into the next and you usher in the new. Seek guidance and plan in this fresh new energy!

Gain deep insight, clarity and inner illumination.

Connect with YOU in the New Year!

5 Videos + 2 PDFs

End of Year Self Reflection:

✦ New Year Reflections Journal (PDF)
✦ New Year, New Me Planner (PDF)
✦ End of Year Reflections Journal Walkthrough (Video)

Gain deep insight about yourself. Mindfully reflect & connect with the themes of the new year & what it means to you personally, on a deeper soul level.

End of Year Guidance & Insight:

✦ New Year Oracle Spread Guide (PDF)
✦ New Year Oracle Spread Walkthrough (Video)
✦ New Year Sample Reading: Single Card (Video)
✦ New Year Sample Reading: Adding a Second Card (Video)
✦ New Year Sample Reading: Extend with a Third Card (Video)

Move into deeper awareness about yourself as you enter the year, with this enlightening oracle card spread that really helps you receive profound inner guidance.

New Year Reflections Journal

Gain deep insight about yourself


New Year, New Me Planner

Plan your dreams into action as you enter the doorway of change of the new year!

Woman on Beach with Sparkler, new year

New Year Oracle Spread Guide

Move deeper into guidance and insight into what this new year has in store for you, with this enlightening oracle card spread.


The videos are so incredible helpful! Mindfully Embrace the New Year in a way that is perfect for you!

New Year Journal, planner and oracle card spread
new year journal, planner and oracle card spread

Embrace the New

Awaken your connection to what the new year energy means for you and get deep, profound guidance for yourself.


Mindfully connect with new year energy.

Natalia Kuna

Natalia Kuna is an Intuitive, Energy Healer, Spiritual Coach & Founder of Spiritual Course Academy, featuring online spiritual development courses & classes that educate, uplift & empower. Get calm, clear, protected & connected. Master your energy, open up your intuition, rise up & shine! Align back to SOUL. It is time.